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Weather Issues–And I’m NOT Saying it is a Judgment of God!

It has been an interesting weather pattern for some time.  Most of California is in a severe drought and the rest of the country has endured storm after winter storm that have left people stranded, hurt, and in some cases:  dead.  The Bible has plenty of examples of weather phenomena.  Since finishing up and releasing my new book “Bring Down Those Idols” I have been thinking about Elijah praying that it wouldn’t rain at the same time pronouncing to Ahab and the prophets of Baal that it wasn’t going to rain.  (And it didn’t rain for three years)!  A famine struck strong and hard.  Elijah prayed again.  This time he prayed it would rain to show the prophets of Baal that God was the one in charge.  As I think of Elijah–and as I think of our current weather issues–I think the same thing SHOULD be going on in our thinking:  IT IS TIME FOR US TO ACKNOWLEDGE OUR NEED FOR GOD.  Further–we should repent.  Repentance brings humility into our lives.  If you live in California and you are serious about ending your drought:  1.  Get down on your knees.  2.  Repent of your sins (pride, lust of the eye, lust of the flesh)  3.  Ask God to take control of your lives.  This doesn’t have to do with just California and their drought.  This three step concept could/should apply to every tornado or tornado threat–every earthquake–every hurricane–every severe storm–every blizzard–or every (any) time something happens in nature beyond our control.  Every weather related issues is meant to bring us to the place where we realize THERE ARE THINGS IN MY LIFE BEYOND MY CONTROL AND I NEED GOD.  Weather issues aren’t a judgment of God (as such)–but a way to bring us BACK to God or CLOSER to God.  Never forget:  There are things I can’t control–SO–I submit myself to letting God ALWAYS be in control of my life!  Be careful out there and let God be in control!

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