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How About a Change of Heart? Today?

Because of my refractory asthma my Doctor who specializes in these kinds of lung conditions has advised me to keep my speaking to under 20 minutes AND (he gave this special emphasis)–really relax and enjoy it. I explained to him the conditions by which I often speak lend itself to some intensity because of the sense of urgency I feel. Some where in the process I got back to this idea that I would blog on the concepts God was laying on my heart. Yet…Just as when I speak my bronchial tubes become restricted, I find myself pounding the keys of the laptop pretty hard when I type something that has my jets really revving up!!! THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS:
I read an article today about why the “Millenials” have given up on Church. Don’t get my wrong–I understand generational dynamic, but there has always been generational issues–that is what “generations” are all about! If you didn’t have differences you wouldn’t have a generation. The differences are how you tell a generation has come and then going and then come and then going and then come and then going (you get the idea). But as far as the article is concerned: There is nothing new or different in realizing how to reach people–young or old. We all have problems. We need solutions to our problems. I believe the solution is found in a change of heart. There can be no REAL lasting or meaningful solution to any problem (you are just changing it or masking it) unless there is a CHANGE OF/IN THE HEART (of the person realizing there is a problem). The bottom line is: I CAN NOT change my own heart. It isn’t possible on my own. I can change my habits, my attitude, by behavior–but none of these is lasting until I CHANGE MY HEART. The thing to keep in mind is–I can’t change my own heart. I need God’s help to change it. As a matter of fact, only God CAN CHANGE my heart. God specifically desired to change my heart by coming to earth–taking my sin–dying for me: To show me that I am dead with out Him! He (Christ) rose from the dead to show me that God through Christ can change anything–but specifically: HE CAN CHANGE MY HEART. He ascended into Heaven and is at God’s right hand interceding every minute, every day, 24/7 for the change of heart I need.

The change of heart is a full time deal–but I have to keep walking in it through faith. The Spirit of Christ can guide and direct my life, but it is important for me to stay walking in faith every minute of every day.

The change of heart is so full time that I don’t think we have time to do the kinds of things we would do if we don’t take the time to consider what an important and powerful a change of heart is in me and to me.

A change of heart allows me to forgive others quickly and easily.
A change of heart empowers me not to be a wounded, an offended or an easily hurt person.
A change of heart gives me the empathy to listen to others rather than talk myself.
A change of heart provides me with the opportunity to pray rather than persuade.
A change of heart lets me be free from pettiness, gossip, slander, or negativity.
A change of heart is merciful toward others not condemning or judgmental.
A change of heart opens up my life to God working in me and through me not around me or in spite of me.
A change of heart becomes the small gate and the narrow way that Jesus taught is the way to LIFE.

Remember: You can’t change your own heart! God can….and God wants to….TODAY!

Best Regards,

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