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Monthly Archives: April 2014

The “Prince of Persia” at it again!!!

News of another shooting at Ft. Hood. In Daniel there is a short passage where the archangel of God in charge of God’s conflicts, Michael, explains that he was “detained” by the Prince of Persia. Although a short passage, and not much explanation, we can get plenty of application out of it. Our folks in the military who served over in the Middle East are coming back with what is classified as (called) “Post Traumatic Stress/War Syndrome.” The things these military folks encountered are so extra-sensory they can’t process it in any reasonable way. It isn’t any wonder there is such as thing as “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome”–because the Prince of Persia is at it again! The only real thing we can do to help is to cover our folks in the military in prayer. Bring our leaders, our soldiers, and their families before God through out the day. Pray for healing in the lives of those who are suffering–especially those who are suffering in silence right now. Here is a challenge: Pray this prayer in your prayer closet once or more per day: “Father, thank you for those people serving our country in harm’s way. Protect them not only from physical danger but from emotional/mental and spiritual attack as well. Cover and protect their families. Bring these people and their families closer to Christ. For those who are affected by their service in our country bring healing. We bind the enemy who would bring attack and loose the healing power of your Holy Spirit who can make something ugly, beautiful again–and who can make something dead, alive again. In Jesus Name, Amen” Thank you for your continued prayers for our military. Many, many are hurting right now!