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The Thing God NEVER Factors In

God never factors in that we (you or I) would ever (EVER) be DISOBEDIENT. Every single thing in the Bible–every principle, every concept, and every precept only factors in that we completely and totally BUY IN TO what God is saying. God assumes that we know that He (the Living God) knows better than we do about everything in our past, present and future. Considering that God NEVER factors in that we might not completely buy in, it might change up how things in our lives turn out compared to how they could turn out. For instance (and this IS my punch line): When God tells us not to judge but to love, He never EVER considers that we would judge one another. Further God would never consider that we would never ever NOT “love your neighbor as yourself.” Think about it: Everything that happens after the moment we are either obedient or not obedient makes all the difference in the out come. Extend this idea into the whole composite of what God teaches us in the Bible and we can see that when things don’t go our way–it isn’t God’s fault, it is because we messed it up. Yet, even when we do mess up God has a remedy: Confess it, let go of it, and let God run with it. God’s system is pretty simple. There are no trick questions, sabotage, or conspiracies at work with the Living God. Obedience is the key. “Do unto others the way you would have them do unto you”–Jesus actually said this one phrase sums up God’s expectation of us. Further–God never factors in that we might not buy in.

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