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Release of New Book–Plus Note from Marceil

Unfolding Eternity
By Dr. Marc D. Royer
We are pleased to send to you Dr. Royer’s new book for 2015 – a study on Eternity. The End Times are knocking at our door. There has never been a greater sense of URGENCY to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Take time today to open this study. It doesn’t take long to start with “The Step Across” through a glimpse into the eternal mansions concept. Dr. Royer takes readers from the joyful Marriage Supper of the Lamb, to the somber aspects of the Great White Throne Judgment. This book answers the question asked so often: “How could a loving God send someone to hell?” This book is a compelling study and it is our pleasure to send this to you.
Also, at, you can now download electronic copies of some of the TCRG books at no charge. (For my computer, I downloaded a free e-reader called Calibre. – Marceil)
Dear Friends of The Christian Resource Group:
Marc and I wanted to update you on all the “stops along the way of life” that has been our joy to share since my retirement on August 1. On our first trip, we visited family in Iowa and Texas, and dear friends in Omaha. In Texas, we were privileged to stay with our son, Mitch, and his family – and attend the church where Mitch serves as a full time children’s pastor. (His adorable daughter, Fiona, has a heart like her daddy and runs through life with a smile on her face.) On our second trip, we visited dear friends and family in the Phoenix area. It is always a special time to pray together on these short visits.
We JUST returned from a 6500 mile trip. We were gone almost a full month. During that time, I was driving – so I stopped at just about every National Park and National Monument I could find along the way! (Once a teacher, always a teacher.) The most valuable aspects of our trip was our time with Christian friends in Bend and Eugene, Oregon, and in Nebraska. Times with our many friends in Oregon, Iowa, and Arizona are too private to share, but the victories and spiritual times we were honored to share with churches at North Platte and Omaha (Heritage Hill Church and time with the Coles), and at the Pastors and Mates Nebraska District Retreat will remain with us for a lifetime.
Thank you for your help and generosity in allowing us to share resources, time, prayers, and from our experiences with others.
Enjoy the new book!

Marceil Royer (along with Marc)

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