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Monthly Archives: November 2014

A “Prophetic” Time of the Year!

Last weekend was the weekend before Thanksgiving, 2014 and Marceil and I had the privilege of being with a fellow Pastor, his Church Board, and his Church on Sunday for a time of development. On Friday night (this is the weekend before Thanksgiving) was their annual Christmas Parade. The downtown of this Ohio townProphecies was lit up for Christmas! On the way home on Sunday, Marceil found a Sirius station that was playing nothing but the old school crooner’s Christmas albums. Five hours of this led into her playing her Christmas music all day. Oh well…she is retired and it keeps her happy. Happy wife…happy________(well you know the rest of it, don’t make me write it down)! At Christmas time I always go back over the prophecies about/concerning the Messiah. There were 23 Old Testament Prophecies Christ fulfilled by his life. All of these 23 have definite precision to them. Last week we got back from 2 weeks in the Holy Land. We had several conversations with friendly Jews about the Messiah. One of them actually said he was open to the idea but nothing has ever convinced him enough to see Jesus other than a very special and popular Rabbi. (His attitude is actually one of the 23 prophecies Christ fulfilled). In addition, Pete Sumrall gave me a copy of his Dad’s book–” Panorama of Prophecy”–which I read on the way home. Dr. Sumrall says, “A third of the Bible is prophecy.” I invite you to celebrate Christmas this year with an eye toward the prophetic. 1. Pray for the Jews. “Open up their eyes, and lift up their ears.” 2. Pray for loved ones who need a touch from God. 3. Pray that we each would live a life that others would look at and see the kindness of a person who knows, talks to, and is friends with Jesus personally. Have a great Christmas season!