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Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Powerful (and Untapped) Potential of Senior Adult Prayers

I was sitting across the apartment from my 83 year old mother this week and we were talking about Heaven. Since Dad passed in September of 2010, going to Heaven is what Mom wants most to do. As we talked about it I began to verbally process something that bears careful thought to us all. I think especially since the largest generation in the history of our country (the baby boom) is crossing into their retirement years. As our bodies wear out our spiritual power should strengthen! I was thinking of Mom in her weakening physical condition and desire to go to Heaven, that her mind is still with her. As long as she has her mind, she has the ability to pray in faith and move (change) the heart of God. I said to Mom, “Mom, you know that Dad is with the Lord…but his prayers are in worship not in faith any longer. All the great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12) are cheering us on, and realize that the ability to change the heart of God is on our shoulders (those still living on planet earth).” This was the same week my father in law had passed away and had done his funeral the day before. “Mom, when you have those times sitting in your chair, instead of allowing the Devil to distract you–you should ALWAYS BE IN PRAYER. We are going to look back 100 years from now and kick ourselves because we missed the fact that God has put us on this planet to connect people to God through the prayers done in faith. We move God’s heart through praying for the lost. We allow God to gain more traction and we overcome the enemy with God’s help when we pray through faith. The weaker our bodies get, the stronger our commitment in faith and in faithful praying should get!” The power of senior adult prayer is untapped and needs to be unleashed against the enemy. Here is a call to all those retired folks to redeem the times. Jesus is coming soon and there are millions yet to be saved. Spiritual salvation comes through the faithful of God praying for lost souls in and through faith. Just as I challenged Mom this week, the challenge is true for all of us to realize that we could be missing one of this world’s greatest opportunities when we are distracted from full and total attention to prayer!