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“Did ya get that on camera sport?”

In middle of all the presidential candidate spouting off, came this ordinary guy spouting off about religion. He was concise, to the point, and intense. He ended it with: “Did ya get that on camera sport?” He took total control of the moment and spouted off. Think of it–“Take control and spout off…” (Seems to be how you get press coverage these days). It was how the press got hold of this guy: he spouted off and got it “on camera sport.” I think we need to rethink the “spouting”–especially if it is just for the sound bite. (Did ya get that on camera, sport)? Here is a idea to dissect and ponder:

Hosea 14:9–“Who is wise, and he shall understand these things? Prudent, and he shall know them? For the ways of the Lord are right, and the just shall walk in them. But the transgressors shall fall therein.”
If you stayed with me this far into the old King James Version then you are interested enough to dig a little deeper into this idea in Hosea’s prophetic word!
Four things linked together:
1. Wisdom: (chakam) means to work at being intelligent, work at being artful, work at being skillful. Get the idea? “Work it..Work at it..”
2. Prudent: (biyn) means to–through considering something–be able to distinguish and thereby understand.
3. Right: (yashar) means to be straight up honest; straight up clear; straight up life; (A straight up person).
4. Transgressor: (pasha) means to break away from the authority basis and have your own way…”rebellion.”

Hosea 14:9—(Refined Version): “Whoever works at understanding through listening and not spouting off your mouth will gain understanding. Whoever considers things through separating your emotional reaction from the spiritual truth will know how God is working. God expects us to be straight up honest–in communication and in behavior–if we do we will see Him at work. Those who become “full of themselves” and ignore God’s refinement through circumstances will stumble and fall apart.”

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