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“When is it going to be MY time?” (Would have been the constant question on David’s mind as he waited out the often angry King Saul). One of David’s first responsibilities was to play the harp to soothe the mental instability of King Saul. Many times King Saul’s hostility was aimed straight at David–where he would have to actually duck from spears thrown in his direction. Although it was never spoken out loud between them–both David and King Saul would have known the truth: David was on the way up and King Saul on his way down (and out). David wrote most of the Psalms of the Old Testament. In many of them we can read of how David processed the wait. King Saul even pursued him through out the country. The tall handsome King Saul felt insecure and threatened by a shepherd boy. David ended up in a Cave out in the wilderness where the criminals were in hiding. The young boy anointed by the Prophet Samuel was numbered among criminals. MANY TIMES we question God’s timing–MANY TIMES our patience runs thin–MANY TIMES we wonder if God has forgotten about the anointing….CALM DOWN! God hasn’t forgotten anything. God uses the times of waiting in our lives to further develop your potential. (We are rarely as prepared as we think). The times of waiting are not just about developing “patience” as we often say–but it is about developing every area of your life. David hit rock bottom hiding out in a cave with criminals, but God used the situation to develop David in every area of his life. He soon became the leader of the band of criminals. Spending time on the run and in hiding developed David into the great Captain of War he would eventually become. King Saul would pursue David out of craziness. David would learn what it was like to mistreated and misunderstand. The situation David was in made him into the “man after God’s own heart” he would become. “When is it going to be MY time?” NOW IS YOUR TIME! Now is your time to develop, to learn, and to grow.

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