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The Lord’s Prayer: Notes and Instructions to Help Us to Recite and Apply the Lord’s Prayer With New Understanding!

Our newest project is called “Problem Solving Prayer” and one of the chapters of the book deals with The Lord’s Prayer. I thought it might be helpful to lay out the notes from the chapter for your personal application. The most important thing after you review these concepts line by line, concept by concept, is to train yourself to SLOW IT DOWN when you recite The Lord’s Prayer!

Jesus said, “This is the way you should pray”–meaning: we BOTH recite it and apply it!

The Lord’s Prayer is a gift to us from God!

“Our Father”

–The creator of the universe chooses to call HIMSELF my Father!
–God’s desired relationship with you is a loving, caring parent.
–Jesus’ instruction is to experience a rich and loving relationship with God. It is boundless. –Nothing you have ever done is beyond God’s love and forgiveness.

“In Heaven”

–(Ouranos) is the concept of an eternal existence BUT with a starting point.
–The “starting point” is in the “inner life” of an individual.
–Jesus’ instruction is for us to ENJOIN ourselves to a power greater than ourselves and realize life extends beyond me.

“Hallowed be Your Name”

–(Hagiazo) means to purify, sanctify.
–(Onoma) character that derives an authority to flow through person to person.
–God gives me His authority in MY world.
–His authority is constantly being sanctified through the events of my life.
–Jesus’ instruction is to step out in faith without any fear. God will take care of everything as you go and will be constantly cleansing your heart.

“Your Kingdom Come”

–This is giving God the “green light” to work on any area of my life.
–This is the commitment on my part to work on the weak areas.
–This is yielding my will to God’s will.
–Jesus’ instruction is for us to give God the “green light” to work on my inner life through my circumstances. This acknowledges God IS AT WORK.

“Your Will Be Done”

–(Thelema Ginomai) is the desire to be part of a positive life cycle: arise—be assembled—brought to fullness.
–God’s purpose in our lives in the world is to be a positive impact: arise—assemble—complete.
–Jesus’ instruction is to keep your thoughts, action, and attitude in keeping with God’s positive life cycle. It is our responsibility to stay the course of/on/in HIS WILL (in this way).

“In Earth as it is In Heaven”

–Earth (Ge) is the created world including the people.
–Heaven (ouranos) the eternal realm.
–God works through people.
–We must work with others well, pray for them, and help them be part of God’s positive life cycle.
Jesus’ instruction is to help others accept and apply God’s positive life cyle to their life.

“Give Us Today”

–Give Us (didomi) the basic idea of an adventure.
–Today (semeron) the present moment, including the moment just past.
–Our attitude toward life is excitement!
–Every moment is a potential memory. Life is a series of memories.
–Jesus’ instruction is for us to live our lives moment by moment—enjoying every single moment and building memories.

“Our Daily Bread”

–(Epiousious) means NOT ONLY our subsistence BUT ALSO acknowledgment of it.
–(Artos) a food source
–God will provide for every need.
–God expects us to express our need(s) to Him—as our “supplier.”
–Jesus’ instruction is for us to express our need to God, acknowledge that only He can fully meet our need, AND fully expect Him to meet our need.

“Forgive Us Our Debts”

–Aphiemi means to yield something up, turn it over, and send it out forgiven.
–Opheilema means something owed, something due, or a fault or failure.
–Forgiveness is freedom and comes as we turn things over and let it go.
–The freedom forgiveness brings is a clear conscience.
–Jesus’ instruction is for us to turn things over to Him and let go—and then HE will send out the freedom.

“As We Also Forgive Our Debtors”

–Opheiletes is a person who owes something, a person indebted, a transgressor.
–Release people from their sins against you.
–Allow others a clear conscience.
–Don’t hold things against others.
–Let go of things easily.
–Jesus’ instruction is for us to forgive others and send them forth with a clear conscience.

“And Lead Us Not Into Temptation”

–Eisphero; Eis; Peirasmos
–Don’t get yourself worked up.
–Getting worked up makes matters worse.
–Jesus’ instruction is not to get worked up about anything because you just make matters worse. Further: HE IS ALWAYS AT WORK…Don’t complicate matters. Stay in your lane. He knows about it!

“But Deliver Us From Evil”

–Rhumai is the idea of a current that rushes to the rescue to draw away.
–Poueros is to be hurtful, hurt, or degenerative.
–Keep yourself from being hurt.
–Keep from hurting others.
–Keep yourself from degenerative attitudes and behaviors.
–Jesus’ instruction is to not hurt others or allow yourself to be hurt by others (by letting things go quickly and easily).

“For Thine is the Kingdom, And the Power, and the Glory, Forever, Amen.”

–Kingdom—basileia—Let God be the BOSS.
–Power—dunamis—Having abundance by acknowledging to daily miracles.
–Glory—doxa—Treating people with respect and letting God flow out of your life.
–Forever—aion—Let it be perpetual.

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