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Monthly Archives: August 2016

A Season of Listening

Over the last few months God has been speaking to me–AND speaking to me to speak to others about LISTENING. God is showing me that we are entering into a “season of listening.” How does listening work? The first thing required to listen is to STOP TALKING. When you are talking you aren’t listening. You can’t talk and listen at the same time. The second thing required to listen is to engage yourself in the moment (or BE IN THE MOMENT). Instead of constantly thinking about what are going to be my next words even while someone else is talking–STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU–listen to the words someone else is speaking. The third thing required to listen is to yield the moments of listening to the Holy Spirit. God wants us to know that He can speak deeper into someone than we can. HE WANTS TO BE THE ONE TO SPEAK INTO OTHERS. He wants us to listen AND to pray. God needs us to be engaging people in praying they will listen to HIM–not listen to us. The Scripture says that “no one comes to God unless the Holy Spirit brings them.” Listening lets God do His work! Jesus’ instruction to the 70 he sent out to do the work of ministry is to “not be concerned about the words you will say.” My feeling is that as we listen to others–instead of talking–we will begin to see miracles, healings, and conversions to Christ. God Bless, Pastor Marc