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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Becoming Powerful Testimonial Salvation Experiences

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a REAL THING.  We often associate PTSD with soldiers coming back from combat.  (Especially those from the Gulf Wars of the past decade or two).  It comes on and brings life changes, relationship altering, mind numbing, and physically impairing consequences.  No amount of descriptive words could adequately describe the experience or the consequences of PTSD on ones’ life or family.  HOWEVER, it is time for us to draw the line and start to DRAW DOWN ON THE HOLY SPIRIT!  We have given the enemy enough attention to disrupt and destroy families through and because of PTSD.  It is time for us to seek the face of God for healing to come to the lives of those people riddled by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder–whether via war abroad, or war at home.  It is time for us to seek God’s help to heal and release people from the bondage of their stress disorders.  The only way to see a change is for God to miraculously and supernaturally change a stress disorder into a powerful testimony of healing and salvation.  This kind of change comes through prayer and fasting and prayer by God’s people.  If God’s people would decide individually (and then corporately) to quit giving the enemy credit and territory and start taking back what the enemy stole from us (our friends and family through PTSD).  Taking back territory requires us to bind the enemy in Jesus’ name and loose the Holy Spirit to transform our stress into salvation and the traumatic into testimony.  We need to see God’s power to transform a life from PSTD to PTSE in such a way that only God can receive the credit!  God Bless.  May it be so!


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