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While listening to a worship song this morning the thought came–“the air you breath doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to God”–sending off a chain of thought.  My body doesn’t belong to me either, it is on loan to accomplish God’s purpose on this planet.  Finally the question–what does belong to me?  Answer:  Your eternal spirit belongs to me.  God gives me the “title deed” to it at the conception of my life.  Interestingly, the “title deed” longs to find its way back to the originator of it (the living and creating God).  Spiritual salvation is when we turn the only thing we actually own (our eternal spirit) over to God at the moment of our total surrender to Christ.  (Christ having paid the price for “title deed” once and for all on the cross) and his power over death through His resurrection from death.  NOW–think about all the “stuff” we think we own.  Think about all the “stuff” we think we have control over.  Think about all the “stuff” we stress over/about.  Silly.  Misdirected.  Distracted.  Deceived.

Every day is a bonus day.

Much Love,


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