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I got to tell my primary care Doctor “thank you” today.  He advocated for me last week when I was experiencing chest pain and the first three tests came back clear. I actually had my clothes laid out to change and go home when the word came from the Cardiologist that something showed up abnormal.  I didn’t know at the time my primary care Doctor was keeping the hospital on it.  How do you say thank you to someone who basically saved your life?  I did bring him a thank you gift, but more importantly I think the validation of his “gut instincts” about my condition was his own thank you.  Known for his straight forward manner, and not taking excuses from patients for being obese or not attending to unhealthy lifestyles–many people think him too strong.  I think he is just right!  The straight forward and strong style saved my life.  Straight forward, honest, truthful, and clear–what a great way to relate to each other!

Every day is a bonus day.

Much Love,


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