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I had that moment of challenge today where the person I was talking to had no idea I am living “bonus days.”  He talked of my involvement in helping him and his ministry develop a strategic plan for the future and the resistance on the part of his board to use me to do so.  It wasn’t necessary for me to hear all the details of what this particular out spoken Church Board member didn’t like about me because I AM LIVING ON BONUS DAYS GOD HAS PROVIDED FOR ME.  Rejection? Resistance? What does any of that matter?  When you are living on bonus days you only go where God can use you.  When you have to force YOUR way, YOUR will, or YOUR style on someone, you aren’t being fully used of God.  It is too bad the will of a person can thwart God’s will–especially if that one person makes decisions for others, but God gives us all FREE WILL.

Personally speaking, if you are living on bonus days you don’t have the emotional, mental, or spiritual energy to waste on the negative.

BTW–Every day is a bonus day.

Much Love,


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