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Psalm 73:26–“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

You know how when people–that is–the people who live to tell their “heart attack/surgery/blockage” story  it is a l….o….n….g and drawn out process of drama and passion (with quite a bit of emotion included because the tears do come with anything related to cardiac issues)?

Well….now I have my own story. My L.A.D. (often called the widow maker) was 100% blocked.

They were about to send me home from the hospital because all of the other tests were coming back normal.  A Cardiologist reading the final test (Lexiscan) saw something abnormal and wanted to do a heart catheterization .  During the heart catheterization it was discovered I had a heart attack a month or so before and the L.A.D. was 100% blocked.  He decided on the spot to try putting a stent in place.  It worked!  The Cardiologist said in the Cath Lab as he finished up that it was a miracle.  He told Marceil that God wasn’t finished with us yet and had more things to do.

Since noon on March 14, 2018 I figure God is giving me some bonus days, so I need to use them filled with purpose and meaning.  As I pondered the idea of “bonus days” it occurred to me that EVERY DAY IS A BONUS DAY FROM GOD!

How would it look if every day was treated in our mind and spirit as a bonus rather than taken for granted?

I’m going to try it.

Much Love,


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