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Okay…brace.yourself.  Get ready for something really “sappy.”  These are Bonus Days so no holding back….

Since Marceil retired almost 4 years ago we spend almost all day every day together.  I LOVE IT.  (I think she does too, but don’t want to speak for her.  Ha!)  This August 6th will be our 40th wedding anniversary.  As I think about those 40 years of marriage I have been analyzing my personal appreciation for such an excellent wife.  Over the last year a lingering question has been in the back of my mind–since we spend so much time together is it possible to appreciate and love every SINGLE MOMENT together as special moments?  After 40 years of marriage is it possible to enjoy every minute as much as I did the 2 years we dated before we got married.  I remember looking forward to our dates as such a highlight of the week.  I loved every single moment with her.  She made me a better person.

Over years of marriage the love is deep, affection apparent, but can you live “in the moment” like you did when you dated.  It hit me on my 8th Bonus Day–YES!

YES because we chose whether to embrace, enjoin, enjoy, and even revere each moment of our lives (especially a life we live WITH someone) or chose to take them and the moment for granted.  We chose.  I chose.  I chose to embrace and enjoy EVERY SINGLE MOMENT GOD GIVES US TOGETHER.

Every day is a Bonus Day.

Much Love,


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