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It was a day where a series of things seemed “OFF”–and was second guessing the timing of our decision to leave half a day early to head out.  Someone I wanted to see since my cardiac event was “all booked up I’ll see you next time” and when we showed up to see Mom at the Nursing Home she was pulled up for dinner with the group of four she is assigned to and there wasn’t a spot for us to visit or even see how she was doing, so we headed to dinner to let mom finish.  It was that moment–the divine appointment–the “okay now I get it” when some people we hadn’t seen in years arrived shortly after us.  We were able to visit, catch up, and share what God was doing.  Moments like these give me the reality check that every minute belongs to God!  I spent unnecessary energy on the rejection of the person who was “all booked up, catch you next time.”  My mom’s words are never truer than today:  “Everything happens for a purpose.”

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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