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Two different couples facing two different situations but it boils down to the same answer.  One couple had served their whole lives creating discipleship/leadership development materials that have a world wide audience.  Their leadership was transitioned before they felt it was time.  They have been processing and thinking things through in a prayerful way.  God has used them in a great way and even now they have ideas for the future.  They are renowned around the world in many areas from the way their work has developed people.  The other couple own a successful business in a Midwestern city.  The owner told me today of how he has helped young person after young person get started in developing the skill required to do this highly skilled profession.  There was disappointment in his voice and reflection in many of the stories.  Many of these people he helped just didn’t “stick” and he seemed tired of trying.  It was interesting how both of these stories required me speaking into each of their lives pretty much the same things:  1.  DO WHAT YOU DO AS “UNTO THE LORD.”  Do it for God, not for a person.  2.  LET GOD DO HIS WORK IN OTHERS.  None of us has any control of other’s reaction to what they are given–only what we are given.  3.  BE GOD’S.  Be God’s instrument–surrender your efforts (from the very beginning of any endeavor).  4.  PUT YOUR EXPECTATION ON WHAT GOD CAN DO, NOT ON WHAT MAN CAN DO.  Expect more from God and less from “man.”  5.  KEEP IT UP–DON’T GIVE UP–DON’T SLOW DOWN.

Every day is a Bonus Day.

Much Love,


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