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I was able to touch base with a long time friend that I see a few times a year who is embarking on a new chapter in his life.  He is changing occupations/career paths after 38 years of doing the same thing.  I was warmed by how he described his present day walk with God.  I am proud of him and was able to tell him how honored I have been to be part of his life.  As we drove down the road I was reminded how important it is for us to always be “up to date.”  “Up to date” with God–always….but also “up to date” with people.  Never put off telling someone you love them; enjoy them; appreciate them; like them; or are honored to be part of their life.  People need to know we value them.  Far too often kind words are only spoken AFTER someone is gone from us.  Let’s stay up to date.  Let’s speak into others our appreciation/our love into their lives in “real time”–TODAY.  Let’s do it today!

Every day is a Bonus Day.

Much Love,


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