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A common issue that cardiac patients rarely like to talk about is how “scary” our aches and pains become after a heart attack.  Any issue in the upper body makes one quite nervous.  I thought it was only me until I over heard someone talking to the folks who run the Cardiac Rehab Center about what they were experiencing.  It makes sense that the Cardiologist took a good look at your heart and everything is “good to go” so what the aches and pain are will end up being muscular.  Muscles sore from the new exercises you are doing during cardiac rehab, and/or muscles you need to tone up better.  We were walking in downtown Louisville, Kentucky this morning toward the Louisville Slugger Factory for a tour.  I was walking, moving my arms thinking about swinging a bat as a much younger man.  The factory tour had several bats that the Pros use you could grab and take a swing.  It was funny how I had aches and pains walking to the factory, but once there I was a kid again (with no aches and pains).  Ha!

Every day is a Bonus Day.

Much Love,


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