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I heard some great new ideas from Pastors today.  It warmed my heart that Christian Leaders desire to connect people with God.  I know it would seem like that should be the “norm” but it isn’t any longer.  Later in the day I received a call from a dear cousin who was asking about something she heard a popular high profile Pastor say online during a sermon about disregarding the Old Testament.  As we talked about it, we agreed that we are living at the end of time.  We know there will be many false teachers at the end of time–and that is what we are hearing.  We have to have the Old Testament if we are going to believe in a New Testament.  Jesus said “I come to fulfill not destroy it.”  “Destroy” means “disregard.”  It is important for us to keep a place of honor in our hearts for every word of the Word of God.

Every day is a Bonus Day.

Much Love,


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