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Jesus explained to John at His own baptism that it was right for John to baptize Jesus (rather than vice/versa)–“to fulfill all righteousness.”  The religious leaders were present to criticize Jesus (just like John before him).  Jesus concept of righteousness (diakonia) had to do with the spirit of honesty in our lives.  Jesus saw a fundamental absence of honesty in the personal lives and professional ethic of the religious leaders who were the center of daily life in His time.  The very action of Jesus letting John baptize Him in the name of honesty reminds us that “our walk and our talk” need to match.  Honesty is the opposite of hypocrisy.  The religious leaders were hypocritical in how they created a standard for others they didn’t follow themselves.  Jesus exposed it.  He is still exposing it.

Every day is a Bonus Day.

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