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I love going to a professional baseball game.  Today I went with a friend to see the Chicago Cubs play the Giants.  It was a great game, great seats, and the Cubs won the game.  When we got back to the car it was covered with black tar from the Train that went over head.  It was official fan parking with solid surface and stripped lines to park.  There were at least a dozen cars covered with tar.  The man in charge gave us a telephone number to call.  When I called his number, I left a voicemail about what happened.  It is a day later, and no return call.  It is Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, so probably won’t hear anything from them until next week.  It is a challenge to trust God in “real time” but that’s what this is.  However, a car isn’t your health, it isn’t your loved ones–a car is a piece of metal.  Perspective:  BONUS DAYS!

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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