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Sentimentality has always been an issue with me.  I can be/get sentimental over the smallest thing.  I had a BIG one today.  We came upon an old time Cream Separator at a neighborhood garage sale.  It so reminded me of some of my favorite memories of my childhood, back on the family farm in Henry County, Iowa.  The Cream Separator was a central piece of equipment in milking cows on a family farm.  There it was before me and the owner with his own stories of pouring the milk into it.  Marceil was the one who actually mentioned the idea of re-purposing it.  NOT–as a flower pot, but as a light in the living room!  This Bonus Day has had a very special bonus in it–being able to bring a symbol of the favorite parts of my childhood home–into our home–and to enjoy as a special memory of my favorite memories.

Every day is a Bonus Day.

Much Love,

Cream Separator

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