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Eighteen weeks of Bonus Days!  WOW!  Very appreciative to God for 18 weeks of extra days after the discovery in the Cath Lab that I was 100% blocked in my LAD (widow maker).  The heart attack that triggered my hospital stay shows no permanent damage to my heart that is functioning between 55% to 58%.  In the face of 18 weeks of bonus days, it is my heart/goal/feeling to narrow the scope of my life to put aside everything that does not focus completely on God AND advance the Gospel (not coast on the Gospel).  Amen.  May it be so…..

Every day is a Bonus Day.

Much Love,


2 responses to “BONUS DAY #126

  1. Matt Schnaible July 26, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    Wow!! Mom told me to check out your “bonus days” blog that you were writing…. Glad your ok!! Love reading all these and helps me to remember that everything second is a gift from God. I can be so selfish with time I think is mine. Good reminder to be living a consistent life that is honest, filled with sharing the truth, edifying your neighbors and living it out from day to day as a changed creature in Christ. Thanks for all you do!!


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