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I was hungry, out of town, and needed to find something to eat that was in the range of my cardiac patient diet (and gallstone issues)–very low sodium, no sugar, and no fat.  Most of the time it is fruits, vegetables, and grilled organic chicken.  The only one of these available after Marceil and gotten her Chicken sandwich and vanilla shake was a plain baked potato at a Wendy’s.  I ordered it up and waited…..and waited….and waited….and waited longer.  Every few minutes the lady would come and say–“It will be another minute.”  I admit to having a little attitude with having to accommodate this strict of a diet, but as I was heading out to the car with my (patiently waiting wife), it hit me–would you rather be dead?  Waiting on a baked potato is something I should be thankful for, not having attitude about.

Every day is a Bonus Day.

Much Love,


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