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Things are “heating up on the home front”….and I haven’t mentioned it much.  They are building a housing project across the street from our home in Goshen, Indiana.  It was presented initially as “high end apartments” ended up building apartments stacked on top of each other.  Here is the comparable:  Our housing area has 187 units placed in 28 acres.  The housing project across the street is 188 units placed in 14 acres.  There is no way to know all the implications of drainage, traffic, safety health, but they have been building the buildings non-stop for the last 16 months.  The neighbors are divided on how to handle it.  A group of them took matters into their own hands and developed a petition to address the issues that haven’t been communicated.  I looked it over and signed the petition.  We need the drainage issue addressed and communicated.  We need a fence between their 14 acres and our 28 acres.  Good fences make GREAT NEIGHBORS!  We need to know about the lighting of these two and three story buildings towering over our homes.  Friction between people quickly developed because those on the Home Owner’s Association Board were offended certain home owners took matters into their own hands.  The City of Goshen officials contend they are working through the “Home Owner’s Association Board” to communicate to the homeowners, but what they are missing is–a Homeowner’s Association Board is NOT a governmental agency–they regulate the number of flowers you can plant, NOT the voice of the people.  THEN THE PRESS CAME CALLING!!! (BOO-YAH).  I told the reporter–“Thanks for checking on us.  The proper role of the press in our culture is to give the ordinary people a voice–especially when no one will listen.”  Not sure I should be getting this worked up, being a cardiac patient and all….Ha!

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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