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It struck me today how much I love the Word of God.  It is such a great help in life.  It is God’s word to us.  I was thinking about Biblical prophecy and how God’s track record is perfect.  Twenty three prophecies in the Old Testament fulfilled in the New Testament.  Since God’s track record is 100% I believe we can be assured of God’s presence and fulfilled in Biblical prophecy concerning the End of Times!

23 prophecies in the Old Testament fulfilled in the New Testament:

  1.  Born of a virgin
  2. Born in Bethlehem
  3. Escape to Egypt as a baby
  4. Raised in Nazareth
  5. Spent times as an adult in Capernaum
  6. Healings
  7. Miracles
  8. Bring a “good report”
  9. Bring eternal gift
  10. The people wouldn’t understand
  11. The people would seem deaf
  12. So He would speak in parables to help them understand
  13. He would be “dogged” by religious leaders
  14. His enemies would number more than the hairs of His head
  15. He would be betrayed by his own friend
  16. For 30 pieces of silver
  17. The Palm Sunday route described
  18. His garments would be gambled away
  19. He would be given vinegar to drink
  20. He would be crucified between two criminals
  21. His bones would not be broken
  22. They would pierce His side
  23. He would rise from the dead

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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