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I know I shouldn’t be surprised by people’s reaction to stuff but I was today.  A group of people who are particularly known for their stance of social justice, peace (and pacifism) comprise the Board of Directors of a local (entity)  (The vagueness is intentional).  They are receiving some “push back” from some of the constituents they are supposed to represent.  Admittedly, I am one of those pushing back–but believe that the voice of ordinary people need to be represented and heard on a few issues.  The immediate response from this Board of Directors was offense, defensive, attacked, and hurt.  In trying to mediate the situation the offense is getting worse, not better.  It reminds me that whatever it is you stand for in your ideology, philosophy, or even theology, is only true for you when tested….not just when talked about.  What we really believe is what others see when you are under attack–not during calm times.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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