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2 Timothy 3: 1 says that it will be “perilous” at the End of Times and then provides a list of different behaviors we will see like “men will be lovers of themselves…”  The original word for “Perilous” is “Chalepos” which means “reducing of strength.”  It is interesting how different the original language brings out the concepts in the Bible than our modern day vernacular.  As a matter of fact, we no longer even have a vernacular–we are reduced to emoji’s.  The world of “emoji’s” has reduced us to communicating in doodles and not even words.  Because we have lost our sense of expressing thoughts in complete ways, we have lost our way regarding the Bible.  For instance, back to 2 Timothy 3:1–“reducing our strength” is what the list of behaviors does to/in our lives, however, our modern vernacular reduces us to a condemnation/judgement on others.  We need to spend more time in study and reflection–especially of the Word of God.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

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