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It took 10 weeks for our convertible to get back from the Body Shop after being painted and the top replaced.  The calamity occurred during a Cub’s baseball game in their parking lot.  The story of how it all came down is almost like what you would call a “comedy of errors.”  The Cub’s organization leased a parking lot from the city who never told them of a “tar dispenser” that “greased the tracks” of their public train that sat on top of the leased parking lot.  The Cub’s organization uses the parking lot for their season ticket holders as an additional option.  The season ticket holders often resale the spots through places like StubHub, which is how I ended up with the parking spot.  The tar was released and it soaked 23 cars during the game.  Our car was a 50th anniversary edition Camaro with a convertible top.  It was the convertible top that took so look to deal with in the Body Shop.  Losing your convertible during the summer when you live in the Midwest (basically the only time for the top to be down) was quite the experience.  The thing about realizing we are living on bonus days always keeps things in perspective:  1.  A car is a piece of metal.  2.  Look on the bright side–mileage was conserved and maybe that car will just last long.  3.  (Probably most importantly)–Everything happens for a reason.

Every day is a Bonus Day.

Much Love,


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