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Packing boxes and then second guessing whether you should move it or throw it is something that happens, but at 59 years old, becomes a real thing in moving.  I tell myself “once I get moved into the next place I’ll go through stuff and toss out things that we don’t need.  Yet, after 7 years in the same house, I haven’t done it.  My biggest motivation to toss things that only have meaning to me is the picture I get of my kids going through my stuff after I’m dead and looking and laughing at the things I kept.  But then, as my friend and attorney, Tom Hamilton says, “You mean when you are dead?!”  Meaning–what are you worried about?  You will be dead when people throw out your stuff.  I just convinced myself.  Keep it.  Pack it.  Move it.  Let it be someone else’s problem.  Ha!

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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