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Bonus Day #196 found us in a place that didn’t really want us (at the most) or didn’t care in the least we were there to help.  A Pastor going on a Sabbatical lined us up to come two weekends to do some Leadership Development with his Church Board.  One weekend was toward the beginning of the Sabbatical and the second weekend was toward the end.  He gave us the subject to work on (as per the grant he successfully wrote for the Sabbatical).  The Pastor specifically asked us to work toward a subject and wanted his Board to meet on their own between the two weekends and create ideas, procedures, and policies to help with a long time issue that has challenged the Church.  We gave out the assignments but basically the Church Board didn’t do much to work toward the objectives the Pastor gave us.  (I am being very nice in my description–their attitudes were much worse).  What it came down to is that the Church Board just didn’t agree with the Pastor’s subject and/or didn’t like how I/we (Marceil and I) approached the subject.  The only thing I know and can stand on is……nothing is a waste if God opens the door.  No matter how rude people can be, or reject you through a passive/aggressive approach the truth is still:

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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