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Bonus Day #199

We were discussing today about God being in control.  We know in and through faith that God is in control.  God is sovereign.  “His Kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven….”  HOWEVER, time and again we have experienced what happens when humans get in the way of “God’s will being done.”  Christians don’t always “pray through” the way they would lead us to believe.  Many times Christians haven’t yielded to God but to their own will and that can sometimes create a “domino effect” into and even through your life.  Is control still in control even then?  I guess the answer is still YES.  No matter what happens with in the control of a human, God can take whatever situation we face and make something beautiful out of it.  Even when humans mess it up.  Further, God doesn’t have a “Plan B” but a “Plan A+.”  God is always in control!

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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