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Bonus Day #205

I decided to combine all my tool into my tool chest out in the garage.  I did have a spot in the basement I kept some and a drawer in my desk AND the tool chest in the garage.  You would think (I actually did think) the most I had of any one kind of tool–screwdriver sets, socket sets, pliers, wrenches etc.  was two and at the most three.  Nope.  The truth is, in most cases, I had AT LEAST four sets of everything.  I remember when a friend past away several years ago his widow lined up a couple of other friends to go through and organize his tools for a sale.  He had at least 7 sets of everything.  At least that guy had rental properties that he maintained and repaired.  I don’t do much with tools at all.  I shouldn’t be shocked at myself, but the truth is, life as a way to put us in the position where we accumulate.  Often, we accumulate too much stuff.  We can accumulate too many tools AND too much baggage.  From time to time we just need to bare down and clean things out–and in the case of our spiritual lives–strip ourselves down and lay it all out.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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