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There is nothing like a “Bonus Day Blog” to make a person completely vulnerable but here goes:  It isn’t a big deal to most people, but to me, I just can’t find the stud in a wall to save my life.  There.  I. Said. It.  I will go blocks around a project to avoid trying to find a stud–stud finders don’t work, tapping doesn’t work, AND I know….I know…16 or 24 inch centers, (doesn’t work for me)–finding a junction box, (NO).  You get it.  I think there was a stud there, but it hides when I come looking for it! Ha!  Every time I try to find a stud, I usually end up with a bunch of holes in the wall–this ugly mess.  So I intentionally avoided the mess by buying a TV that could sit on the 9 and half inch ledge over the fireplace.  The largest TV with that fit the criteria was a 43 inch one.  A 43 inch TV works out great in most bedrooms, but in a family room/living room/kitchen/dining room (large space flow) it was a pretty small and washed out picture.  I let it go on for 6 weeks, convincing myself it was what was best.  Then for 2 weeks I would go into the various stores to look at TV’s and walk out convincing myself I was satisfied with what I had.  Finally, I said to God:  “I know there are 180 million families with no access to clean drinking water, and my only stress about getting a TV that will fit in the room is finding a stud without having to ‘drill to china’ but I could use your help here with a little confidence.”  So I bought the TV, the mounting device, and other cords then headed home.  Just before I started I said to God–“If you help me do this I won’t be cocky or take any credit.”  The minute I prayed that prayer, a peace came over me.  I find the two studs necessary and brackets were up in 30 minutes.  It took longer figuring out the remote control than it did putting the TV up!  It is powerful what happens when we get our own selves (and our own pride) out of the way……

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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