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Thanks to some electrician friends my new house is completely set up in case of a power outage.  The need was greater here because of being on a well and septic, if the power goes out, you only have the water in the tank available to use.  I have usually always had a power generator available.  (For those of us who have lived through extended power outages you usually don’t want to be caught with out a source of power the “second time”).  There is never a power outage system that doesn’t need some attention once in a while unless you are set up completely automated.  So today I went out and fired up the generator. Fortunately my new generator is electric start, so I am not pulling and pulling on a cord.  When the generator fired up, I had a moment where I was thinking about the “what-if” it was a real power outage.  How long would I wait until I went out to the garage to pull the cord to the house and go through all the steps of turning off the house breaker/on the generator breaker and fire the thing up?  An hour with the power off?  Three hours with the power off?  As I was thinking about it, I became consumed in the idea of what is the true “fall back” in our lives.  What is the “default plan?”  There are so many possible contingencies, the only really true fall back is God!  We live our lives never in as much in control as we ever think.  We need to be reminded constantly, that we could never “cover enough” contingencies.  Our lives are in God’s hands.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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