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Getting ready for a road trip to Austin, Texas to babysit the Austin grandchildren.  The cardiac diet makes things a little complicated because we have to bring along a couple of bags of groceries designed with low sodium, low fat, no sugar etc.  Basically fruits and vegetables.  I know I bore the grandchildren a little with my description of the difference between the flavor of things–that is–how the candy of the same flavor differs from or is the same flavor as the fruit of its counterpart.  For instance:  Grapes–delicious–VERY delicious, but rarely do I ever find a grape that really has the grape taste.  What did I just say?  I know.  The candy flavor in all of its artificial fervor has a clearer flavor than the fruit counterpart.  I do know the fruit has me feeling much, much better than the candy of the same (or close to the same) flavor.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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