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We went to a zoo that was a rescue facility.  They called themselves “non-profit” yet it cost me $55 to get into their rescue facility.  Everything cost extra and they always asked:  “Would you like to round up for the animals?”  Even in the gift shop they wanted us to round up.  I finally replied, ” No thank you, I think we have made a good enough contribution today.”  I am still trying to process the experience.  It was one of those situations where it is really hard to believe the place was as selfless as they would have you believe, and yet, if they help the animals, it is a good thing.  I wonder if that is how our lives end up appearing to God?  We try to come off looking like “heroes,” but what is real and what is not so real? (Fake).  Think about it.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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