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Standing in the parking lot of a Lowe’s Store, I stopped a guy from our past we hadn’t seen in 10 years to say hello.  He talked about the his church, his pastor, and shared his opinion on the general condition of all things political/ideological.  I can’t say there was anything he said with which I disagreed.  Yet, it occurs to me that we need to–WE MUST do more than just “talk about it.”  We need to get together with others and make conscious decisions on how we can make a difference in our world.  We need to but a process in place to deliver more than just opinion.  Opinion is important in that it starts us on the course of what we believe and even why we believe it, but we must also but process in place for change.  Talk needs to lead to process which leads to change.

Every day is a Bonus Day.

Much Love,


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