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Advancing the Gospel is like running a football play in that the objective is to advance the ball down the field.  The ball breaking the plain of the goal line is the symbol of a conversion to Christ.  It takes all kinds of players and plays and coaches and coaching techniques to achieve the goal.  Some teams having winning seasons and some teams have losing seasons.  It is that part of December 2018 where all the Bowl Games will soon begin.  The Bowl Games are the culmination of the football teams season.  Some games are played for the championship of certain regions, and now even a play-off of sorts to see which team is the best of the year.  Just like advancing the Gospel needs to be the primary goal in the life of the Christian (and the life of the Church), advancing the ball needs to be the primary goal in football.  YET, in both Christianity and football there are objects of distraction, miscommunication, egos, divas, and attitudes that all find their way into the endeavor.  These negative factors are constant barriers and obstacles to achieving the basic goal of advancing–(Christianity or the football).  Let’s get back to the goal of advancing the Gospel.  Ask yourself the question about things in your life:  “How does this advance the Gospel?” The reason we exist on this planet is to connect people to God.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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