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I down loaded Sandy Patti’s song from the 1980’s “Was it a Morning Like This” to my Holy Land Playlist.  It has been years since I had listened to it, but since I am always thinking about how to enhance the experience of each the 30 Christian Holy Sites we share when we take people to the Holy Land, I thought I would download, listen, and experience the song.  It was as unique listening to Sandy’s song was as it was Don Fransisco’s “He’ Alive” I down loaded a couple of years ago.  It really took me back to the sights and sounds of the day I heard both songs.  It is interesting how our senses  can do that–take us back.  Yet, the work of God in our lives uses those experiences of the past to take us (move us) forward–“forgetting those things in the past and straining toward what is ahead….”  “DID GRASS SING, DID THE EARTH CRY OUT BECAUSE IT MISSED YOU–HE IS RISEN..”  It had been a while since I imagined the earth actually missed feeling God.  Why not?  Genesis says that God “walked with Adam in the cool of the day.”  If that meant God’s feet touched the soil of the earth, why wouldn’t the earth miss that experience?  Silly?  Maybe.  But think about it:  WE ARE TALKING ABOUT GOD–a force greater than all forces of all forces ever in existence all combined.  It wouldn’t be impossible because “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.”  Let’s just be sure everything is “WITH GOD” we we do it, or attempt it.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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