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I had to apologize today for something that wasn’t “directly” my fault, but because I am ultimately responsible for the situation, it is on me to make it right.  It was an oversight, simple human oversight, but never-the-less, caused extra work for some and inconvenience for others.  PLUS, it was something that could have been prevented had I personally doubled checked a person’s help (or something I thought they had done).  I believe, AND teach it:  You have to apologize and accept responsibility as part of the problem solving process.  Many people don’t want to apologize they just want to problem solve and move on.  The problem with not apologizing is the process gets too rushed.  There may be things involved that need ironed out further in a situation.  If you rush the process the things that are systemic may not get ironed out.  So here goes:  When you realize there has been an error on your watch–First accept responsibility for it.  Second, look deeper around it.  There have been other errors in the same context being overlooked at the same time.  Third, figure out a way to move forward.  (At least offer up options and solutions).  Fourth, MOVE ON.  Put it behind you.  If others won’t or hold it against you–that’s their problem.  (If they hold it against you a relationship with them in whatever capacity the context was/is, wouldn’t have worked out very well anyway).

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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