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The last few days I have been focusing upon the Tree of Life.  The Tree that God put in the “midst of the Garden” but more specifically, God placed the Tree of Life in the midst of our lives.  The Tree of Life is the (Cross of Christ)–that symbol of sacrifice that overcomes sin and death.  It is Life.  Each of us needs to join ourselves to the Tree of Life.  (“Eat of it”)  The only way to really understand what it means to join ourselves to the Tree of Life is if/when we understand the idea of trust–entrusting–faith–belief–and yielding ourselves completely to God.  In life, as we eat of the Tree of Life, we develop a deep trust in God.  We learn this trust now, so that God can trust us through out all of eternity.  Even the Tree of Life is means to an end, not an end in itself.  The purpose, power, and process of God goes on and on.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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