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One of my doctors has two different offices.  They are about 20 miles from each other in different towns.  This doctor used to be a neighbor of ours before moving a couple of times.  Since we moved closer to his second office, we decided to try it out.  By closer, I mean 5 miles verses 15 miles from the house.  I know I shouldn’t be, but I was SHOCKED at how different the office atmosphere was compared to the one I was used to.  At first I thought:  “I’m just getting old and change is getting harder.”  But the truth is, the difference in the office atmosphere is/was real.  The people in this second office are not just NOT friendly, they don’t really even look at you.  Starting with the person at the front desk, the nurse that checks you in, and the person who checks you out, the atmosphere is so much colder.  The only thing the same was the doctor.  I suppose I will eventually talk with the doctor about this since I have known him for years, but I was also intrigued the doctor seems to be unaware of the difference.  AWARENESS is an important quality in living and relating.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

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