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It is hard to know where to look or stare in a bank line that is waiting for one teller whose window is open.  Three people ahead and five, then six, then seven, then eight behind me.  I know these places have managers, but it perplexes me how certain things just get overlooked.  Is it lunch time at 2 PM?  (Lunch shifts)  It is hard to have a conversation waiting in a bank line with people you don’t know, because the transactions they hold in their hands are personal items.  Pray?  Yes, of course you can pray…pray and stare.  That’s it though, isn’t it?  Pray.  All the time–without hesitation and without complaint in your spirit–make every moment count.  Call on God.  Bring Him into the boredom of the bank line up!

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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