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If a person isn’t “getting it” it probably isn’t a result of people trying to help.  Not “getting it” has to do with some kind of block a person has with in their own processing of information and input in their life.  The only thing we can do to help others is to:  1.  Be honest.  2.  Lay it out.  3.  Listen carefully.  4.  Synthesize new information.  5.  Lay it out again.  6.  PULL YOUR HAIR OUT AND SCREAM!  (Ha!  The #6 means you have done everything you can do to help).  NOW–you have to do whatever is necessary for the situation to move forward.  A person either “can’t” execute or “won’t” execute.  Either/both of these problems is solvable.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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