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Monthly Archives: October 2020

3rd Day of 40

Today, Saturday, October 31, 2020, is 3 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. During the 40 days leading up to November 3 I have been challenging you to set prayer alarms for 9 AM; NOON; 3 PM and 6 PM and pray for repentance of sins and thankfulness for God’s presence and our need of Him today in our own lives and the life of our nation. I have called this 40 Day period: the “40 Day Window of the Watchmen.” The specific times are derived from the ancient “Watchmen” who would report every “quarter” of the day–basically 3 hours from the gate area of the huge walls of the City/States. The Old Testament book of Nehemiah lays out how God laid it upon Nehemiah’s heart to rebuild the Walls of his beloved Jerusalem after they laid waste after another captivity. The “captivities” in the Old Testament were always after the people of God got their eyes off of God and on the flesh. When the eyes of the people were on the flesh, it always left them weak and vulnerable to the strength (and then attack) of the enemy. Carefully over time they would repent and God would restore them. Interesting times we live. The United States of America is in a modern version of captivity. It doesn’t take much to realize we are in the situations we are in because we have gotten our eyes off of God and on to the things of the flesh. Hence, it is so important for us to repent and humbly express our thankfulness to God. The “Window” aspect of this idea is NO LITTLE THING. If we don’t get busy and pray for repentance and thanksgiving right here and right now–THINGS CAN GET MUCH, MUCH WORSE. In this world one of the tools of the devil is to falsely make us believe we have “control over our own destiny”–or that: “I am good enough, strong enough, and powerful enough.” TRUTH–WE ARE NOTHING WITH OUT GOD! We have this Window here and now, to wait on God–listen to God–and then execute on the prompting of God. Do you realize how twisted we have made God’s process? Instead of “waiting on God” we expect God to “wait upon us.”Instead of “listening to God” we expect God to “listen to us.” Instead of “executing on what God is prompting me” we expect God to execute on my (our) commands. We don’t come to God with a prayer list as if we are submitting something humbly and respectfully, instead our “prayer list” is actually a “wish list” and God (in our thinking and imagination) is more of a “genie in a bottle” granting me wishes. We need to straighten up our attitude about a lot of things here in America, but it starts with those who follow Christ to understand what it really means to follow Christ and then humbly repent and then teach others about being a true Christ follower. The combination between the COVID pandemic, the election cycle, the hurricanes hitting our shores, the killer hornets and all the other “bowls” from the book of Revelation that are yet to come, should help us to straighten up, wake up, grow up, and (cowboy) up. 9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; and 6 PM…it’s a busy Saturday, but let’s put God first and learn some new spiritual disciplines and priorities. God Bless and Much Love, Marc & Marceil


4th Day of 40

Today, Friday, October 30, 2020, is 4 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. I notice a growing sense these last days leading up to Election Day of people wondering what it is going to be like on November 4th and beyond. In a personal conversation I heard someone boil it down to: “Either way it goes, there is going to be an intense public reaction.” “EITHER WAY THE ELECTION GOES” is an important thing for us to consider. Today, Friday, October 30, 2020 lets be “Watchmen of Prayer” just like the ancient “Watchmen” who stood to help fortify they ancient city-states from their enemies–let’s look to the horizon and beyond of 4 days from now and pray in terms of “EITHER WAY THE ELECTION GOES.” Let’s set our prayer alarms for today at 9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; 6 PM. Start off by praying for repentance of sins personally and nationally, then express thankfulness to God for His protection and blessing on our lives. Next, let’s pray that people every where can look beyond THIS election–(OR ANY ELECTION) to understand the greater lessons God is teaching us in and through the circumstances of our lives. CONSIDER:1. God is still the Creator of the Universe no matter who thinks they are in charge on earth. 2. God is still the Creator of the Universe no matter who (we elect to be in charge). 3. God is still the Creator of the Universe and is ultimately the one who puts people in charge on earth. 4. God is still the Creator of the Universe and my responsibility is two things: First–I do my part as a citizen, like vote. Second–I dutifully pray and lift up to God the person or people who God puts in charge.5. God is still the Creator of the Universe and uses ALL THINGS for His good. NOTHING IS WASTED. What we see in God raising Jesus from the dead is HIs ability to take something dead and make it alive, hence, anything ugly He can make beautiful. No matter the situation–good or bad–God is still the Creator. 6. God is still the Creator of the Universe. I am just a “steward” (in this 40 days leading up to the election, I am calling it a “Watchmen”) in God’s creation. He is the Creator, we are the creation. STAY IN YOUR LANE! 7. God is still the Creator of the Universe. Don’t get so caught up in the drama of it all! Don’t succumb to the pattern of this world. Don’t be a friend to the devices of the enemy or the attitudes of the flesh. There are so many who believe one man is the savior and the other is the devil. Remember always “our struggle is NOT against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.” You can’t PUT a name and face on your enemy! Don’t let the environment we are in, pull you into its mold. When you pray during the 4 watches today: DON’T REMIND GOD HE IS THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, BECAUSE HE ALREADY KNOWS IT. Ask God to keep this truth deep in your heart and mind, and then ask God to keep this truth deep in the heart and mind of others. If we all pray together in this way, it will make a difference–a HUGE difference.God Bless and Much Love, Marc & Marceil

5th Day of 40

Today, October 29, 2020, is 5 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. (Not that you need much of a reminder these days!) The reason I am bringing it up is in case you are reading this for the first time today. Please keep reading. It is NOT too late to jump in. We have been joining together in what I called the “40 Day Window of the Watchmen” during the 40 days leading up to the November 3, 2020 Election Day, praying at the same time (time zone dependent, of course) for national repentance and thankfulness for God’s presence. The times are taken from the ancient “Watches” of the day when the “Watchmen on the Wall” of the ancient cities would give the report of their scouting of the landscape. In our case–9 AM; Noon; 3 PM; 6 PM. Please join us by setting a prayer alarm as a reminder to come to prayer and then join with others (invite them to join you) in praying for repentance and thankfulness for our nation and for the world. Include in your prayers any needs in the lives of people you know as well.
Several years ago Marceil and I wrote the book, “Problem Solving Prayer.” Marceil handled some commonly asked questions about prayer in the first part of the book and I handled what I believe is God’s direct instruction about how we should pray. We know it as the Lord’s Prayer. We should both recite it and MEAN it when we pray it. The Lord’s Prayer is so rich. It is powerful. I invite you all to pray the Lord’s Prayer TODAY DURING EACH OF THE FOUR WATCHES OF THE DAY. I haven’t mentioned this before, but let’s do it today–together–and see what happens.
In summary–at 9 AM, NOON, 3 PM, and 6 PM let’s all pray the prayer Jesus taught us to pray:
“Our Father, which art in Heaven, hallowed by your name. Your Kindgom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread. Forgive us our sins AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO SIN AGAINST US. Lead us not into temptation (let us not get ourselves stressed out or worked up), but deliver us from evil (or get other people stressed out or worked up). For yours is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever. AMEN”
Devout Muslims unroll their prayer mats, face Meca, and pray 5 times a day. Devout Buddhists are constantly in “Zen Zone.” Devout Hindus master daily meditation that lasts for an hour or more. Devout Shintos roll into their mantras through the day. Devout Jews will present themselves to Jehovah through ritual, prayer books, and tradition a few times a day. DEVOUT CHRISTIANS SHOULD BE “PRAYING WITHOUT EVER CEASING”–and the Lord’s Prayer–prayed from your heart should be part of our life of prayer.
Let’s include the Lord’s Prayer all four times today!
God Bless & Much Love, Marc & Marceil

6th Day of 40

Today, Wednesday, October 28, 2020 is 6 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. This is an exciting “Window” of opportunity to not only pray–but experience God’s presence in answer to our prayers. I have been calling the 40 days leading up to November 3, 2020 the “40 Day Window of the Watchmen of Prayer.” My challenge each day is to set your prayer alarm for 9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; 6 PM (whatever your time zone) and pray repentance for our sins as a nation and thanksgiving for God’s presence we are able to experience. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN US IN THIS ENDEAVOR! Pray from your heart. If you have other needs, lift them to God after you pray repentance and thankfulness. Yesterday I mentioned we need to pray, turn it over to God, BUT REMEMBER TO VOTE. I have a story to tell about the first time I voted at 18 years of age, but I am going to wait another day or two. Today, I have another thing to focus on. I want us to consider the surge in COVID cases in our prayers. There are things that are so important for us to consider in light of this harmful and deadly disease. It is important for us to consider how easy Americans have gotten off for so many years. The rest of the world struggles in health related ways and rarely have we had things to deal with that are this deadly. We need to always be thankful for God’s mercy. If we thank God for His provision and protection we are more likely to experience it because our eyes will be tuned and focused to see it. If we become bitter, resentful, or have an attitude about what we have lost, we are more likely to be pulled into the dark pit. KEEP BEING THANKFUL FOR THE LIFE GOD HAS PROVIDED. IT IS ALWAYS THE BETTER WAY!It is important to consider others above yourself. A clear Scriptural imperative is to “love your neighbor as yourself”–“Do unto others the way you would have them do unto you”–“Think of others before yourself”–“Don’t think more highly of yourself than you ought”…..I read people posting that Timothy passage about the End of Times where “people will be LOVERS OF THEMSELVES.” It is so important (right here–and–right now) for us to look at every situation/every step we take and ask ourselves: “WHAT REFLECTS ME PUTTING OTHERS FIRST IN THIS SITUATION OR CIRCUMSTANCE?” If you put others first, you will never error. It is important to consider time is getting short. COVID 19 is another reminder that last Book of the Bible is not just “made up.” (If I get a chance in the next week or so I want to talk about those “murder hornets” they discovered up in Washington ). Is everything “up to date” in your life? Are you “up to date” with God? Are you “up to date” in your relationship with others. It is important for us to be up to date and teach others that NOW is the time to be up to date and stay up to date. Thanks for joining with us in prayer at 9–NOON–3–and 6!God Bless and Much Love, Marc & Marceil

7th Day of 40

Today, Tuesday, October 27, 2020, is 7 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. Last evening at 9: 15 PM Eastern Time, Judge Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in as an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court! Deepest appreciation to all of you who have been praying for her and her family during this time of confirmation. Those of you who have followed our ministry from the earliest days know how often I have talked of the moment when we finally (PRAYED-IN) a majority on the Supreme Court of Constitution Originalists, who believed their place was to truly be the third branch of our Government who ruled on the Constitutionality of the laws created by the Legislative Branch and Executed by the Executive Branch. There was a time back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s I started taking law courses to research and discover as much as possible about our religious freedom and the Constitution. BTW–I only got about 5 courses in. Deepest respect to my attorney friends–that is hard work! I don’t “think like an attorney” enough to understand or follow legal proceedings. BACK TO THE WORK BEFORE US! We have 7 more days to be “Watchmen on the Wall of Prayer.” Let’s set our prayer alarms and pray like the ancient “Watchmen” would give the report at the top of the hour on the quarters of the day. Set your prayer alarms for 9 AM; NOON: 3 PM; 6 PM. Let’s pray for repentance of our personal and national sins, and for our thankfulness for God’s provision and presence. Further, pray from your heart about what is before us in this election. There are plenty of implications and things to pray for, but let’s turn this election over to God. I believe if God were to be standing before us at this moment He would say to us: “TURN THIS ELECTION OVER TO ME.” We have to “turn it over to God.” Period. WELL…MAY BE ONE MORE THING: Vote. Don’t forget in the middle of all this praying, vote yourself! Those of you who follow these thoughts who are not from the United States, please pray for us. Pray that we will prayerfully turn this election over to God AND we all vote. God Bless and Much Love, Marc & Marceil

8th Day of 40

Today, Monday, October 26, 2020, is 8 days from November 3, 2020, the Election Day in the United States. It has been 50 to 60 days ago God started speaking to my heart about the meaning and importance of “40” in Scripture. As we closed in on 40 days before this year’s Election Day, I had a spiritual quickening that this 40 days was a “Window” of opportunity for us to tune in and really pray for God’s presence and direction. All of it in the shadow of the importance of repentance. The final concept was that of the “Watchmen” from ancient times. The “Watchmen on the Wall” would observe the horizon with vision and perception and every quarter of the day starting at 9 AM, then NOON, then 3 PM, then 6 PM, give the observation verbally. There were no TV cameras or internet so you had to send someone from your family or neighborhood to the Gate of the City to hear the report of what was happening in the outside world. The “40 DAY WINDOW OF THE WATCHMEN OF PRAYER” came out of that month of prayer/thought/study. Facebook (and my blog on a tab of my website have been my “Platforms” to challenge everyone who would listen and heed the call to set your prayer alarms at 9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; and 6 PM and pray repentance and thankfulness to God and our need for His presence and direction in our lives and the life of our nation. Eight days are left to join in. I am heartfelt in my appreciation for all of you who have joined and shared in this 40 Day Window of the Watchmen. When I heard this idea I knew it wasn’t something you could “brand and sell” like so many ideas Pastors use and implement today. As the days have unfolded we have watched the different dynamics play out and those dynamics are compelling! Today (or as I understand it)–TONIGHT, with 8 days left could be one of those “WINDOW MOMENTS.” It was reported that tonight could be the vote on Judge Barret’s confirmation by the United States Senate to be the next Supreme Court Justice. I am encouraging, challenging, pleading, (begging) you to set your prayer alarms for 9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; and 6 PM to pray intensely for/on this vote for tonight (or when ever it could happen, but it needs to happen sometime in the next 8 days), because this is the Window of opportunity for the clear majority of the Supreme Court Justices to be returned to “Constitutional Originalists.” “Originalists” in that they seek for the laws of our land in the United States to be interpreted through the vision of of what the Constitution actually SAYS and not the idea of interpreting the Constitution through the vision of “what the Founding Fathers meant if they lived today.” (A far-reaching and far-fetched approach to our 3 branch system of government). The truth is, none of us know how Judge Barret, when she is confirmed as Justice Barret will rule on any case pending on the schedule (docket) of cases that have gone through the lower courts and are reaching the Supreme Court. The belief is if you confirm a “Constitutional Originalist” to the Supreme Court–AND–you have a majority of Justices who are “Originalists” then (because the appointment and confirmation is a life time term) you can (over time) create an environment of law and order through the process created and prayed over by our Founding Fathers more in line with the freedoms, respectfulness, honor, and love the United States of America was created. The true importance of the moment of Judge Barret’s confirmation is not whether they will over turn this case or that case–the true importance is that we will be able to finally be able to REPENT AND ASK GOD’S FORGIVENESS because during our “Watch” (get it, we have ALWAYS BEEN “Watchmen on the Wall”)–during our “Watch” be weren’t keeping an eye on the things the enemy was using to use against us. The “interpretation” of when life begins is a good example. Generally speaking a “Constitutional Originalist” believes the Constitution of the United States PROTECTS a baby in its mother’s womb because the baby is a baby (a protected life) NOT a mass of cells thrown together that is less than the life carrying the baby. I want this to be thoughtful and prayerful, not ugly and judgmental–we need to ask God’s forgiveness every day for the 62,000,000 babies who have been aborted since the early 1970’s. We need to repent and intercede for those who don’t realize the level of sin and the outrage it is to God. Next up–I really don’t know, and don’t know anyone who can/could really predict how “Constitutional Originalists” will interpret the law of the land known as “Obama Care.” In the political circles around the United States Senate they know there is a challenge to Obama Care coming up before the United States Supreme Court and in their hearings, the Senators have been asking Judge Barret where she stands on it. The Supreme Court will make a ruling as to whether the Health Care Reform Act enacted under President Obama’s administration is Constitutional or not. I DON’T KNOW–REALLY DON’T KNOW. I do believe we need to pray for the Justices of the Supreme Court during their process of review of the law. It is important to many people for many reasons. The Apostle Paul encourages us to “pray without ceasing” and it is clear why we should always be in an attitude of prayer–BECAUSE THERE ARE A BOAT LOAD OF THINGS TO PRAY!!! Today is a very important day!God Bless & Much Love, Marc & Marceil

9th Day of 40

Today, Sunday, October 25, 2020 is 9 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. “Election Day” is beginning to have a whole new meaning in the United States with the millions of people who have already voted either via mail-in ballot or early voting options. Regardless of (when) the voting takes place, November 3 is the deadline to vote in our elections in the United States. Leading up to the November 3, 2020 we have been joining together to pray for our nation. We need God’s presence and help in our time “of trouble.” I have been seeing it from an ancient Biblical view of the “Watchmen on the Wall” of Jerusalem. At the top of every quarter (the “Watch” is spaced in 3 hour intervals): 9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; 6 PM (in whatever time zone you live) we stop and pray for repentance and thankfulness–repentance of sin and thankfulness for God’s blessing in our lives. Set the alarm on your phone and join us. We started 31 days ago, but TODAY to get started is perfectly fine–glad you found us! Please join us. Setting a prayer alarm for 9–Noon–3–6 (four times a day) will certainly interrupt your life, but we probably could use some “spiritual interruption” from time to time. God’s basic relationship is with an individual. YOU. God’s basic relational unit is His personal relationship with YOU. You don’t have to “go through” someone else or some–“thing” else to relate to God. This is by God’s design, not man’s design. If it were left up to (humankind) a human would make you believe you have to go through them (a certain human) to get to God. I need to jump in with a touch of theology, but please read on, (I am coming to a point, but don’t want to lose you). Theologically–our sinful nature separates us so far from God He can’t (couldn’t) even look at us, but Jesus took all of the complication of the sinful nature on Him. When we open our lives to Jesus–repent of our sins–and invite Him in, the wonderment of a personal relationship with God is restored. Note that Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father, but by (through) Me.” Don’t let the tricks and schemes of organized religions and their practices make you think there is some other way to get to God, or some other way for God to relate to you. Many religious leaders take it upon themselves to “rally” you as cheerleaders to their own particular brand of religion. Some go so far as to provide “criteria of acceptance” into their brand. Others lay it out so it is “easy” to believe. Still others lay it out so it is “hard and difficult” to be accepted by their religious community. All of these schemes are often unwittingly done to appease human pride or human gain–not the EDIFICATION OF THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. Here is the thing–when you come to terms with the idea that God wants to relate to me personally and that happens through a personal relationship with God THROUGH CHRIST–organized religion has a place to play in regard to developing your relationship with (and in) God deeper and richer, and better equipped for the next step of this journey.Here goes the next step:GOD WANTS US TO SHARE OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM–WITH (AND INTO) THE LIVES OF OTHERS. Part of relating to God is to realize God’s desire to relate to EVERYONE. God’s deepest desire is to speak and relate to you in such a way you can relate His great love to others. WE HAVE COVID 19 TO THANK FOR HOW THE MESSAGE OF GOD’S GREAT LOVE NEEDS TO SPREAD TO THE WORLD–One. Person. At. A. Time. Just like COVID 19 spreads from person to person, so the love of God–the message and teachings of Christ needs to spread from person to person. Person to Person Contact. The enemy is using the disease of COVID 19 to hurt, to scare, to kill, to destroy through the basic process (PERSON TO PERSON CONTACT) that God gave us to advance HIS (GOD’s) message of love to this world. God help us to learn the lesson of Heart to Heart–Person to Person advancement of HIS love. God Bless & Much Love, Marc & Marceil

10th Day of 40

Today, Saturday, October 24, 2020, is 10 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day, in the United States. We are still in the ” 40 Day Window of the Watchmen” (of prayer) leading up to our Election Day. Just like the “Watchmen on the Wall” in ancient Middle East, the “Watchmen” would stand guard with eyes positioned in all directions. The “Wall” was large and thick and protected the citizens of the walled in city from all enemies. However, the Wall was only as good as the people watching for approaching enemy attack. The sharper the eyes of the Watchmen and the clearer the alarm of harm OR even the assurance of the safety–crying out “FRIENDS ARE APPROACHING FROM THE EAST” or “THE ENEMY APPROACHES FROM THE SOUTH WITH 20,000 STRONG”–Would give the citizens a time of preparation. The keener the Watchmen, the quicker the citizens could or would prepare. In the context of my challenge leading up to Election Day: Please set a prayer alarm for the ancient reporting time–the quarters of the day time: 9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; 6 PM. Next, join Marceil and me in a prayer of repentance for ourselves and our nation, followed by a prayer of thanksgiving. Each day I have been presenting a “prayer model” for what I have been thinking, but today (with 10 days left before the US Election Day) I have a different suggestion. After you pray for repentance and thanksgiving, please pray for a spiritual “quickening” for people to be discerning, wisdom, and responsible citizens. If you are an international friend, who is not an American, please pray for us. As citizens we have become misguided and misinformed at too many levels. I mean no dis-respect (I SERIOUSLY MEAN THIS)–I want to challenge you and your family and friends, not “beat you up.” This was easier when I led from a pulpit, but now I have to write it out. Ha! My “pulpit” has become a post and a blog. The hardest part of this is, rarely do I get a chance to really “cut loose” in a pulpit. Most of the time when I am asked to preach the Pastor is in a “series” and actually presents me with their notes to use as a guide. In fairness, I am told: “Adapt this any way you want,” but the truth is–from someone like me who doesn’t have a public pulpit (and generally a prophetic approach to preaching in the sense of “forth-telling” NOT FORE-TELLING), it is a boundary and limiting of what God wants to use me as a voice into our culture and lives of people. THANKS FOR LETTING ME GET ALL OF THAT OFF MY CHEST. (Not that you had any choice)–Ha! (No wonder I get an outline of what to preach). Double Ha! Here is what I want to speak into our culture: 1. READ! When was the last time you read something for yourself rather than heard it from a speaker, a “pundit”, or someone spouting their opinion. There is a vast universe of “success through acquisition of information” if we would just invest some time in reading. YouTube videos are great–but you can watch three different videos and get three different approaches of how to put something together. Watch all 3 videos! Then decide YOUR best approach. I am saying read, listen, contemplate, pray, and THEN DECIDE. Let God speak to you. By the way–over the years–I have harped on the single most important thing we can do for our children around the world was to teach them to read–AND HELP THEM ENJOY READING. When we tried some initiatives in Haiti it was always with the basis of teaching the Teachers how to best teach children to read so that the children could read their Bibles as a first and most important resource to morally successful living. 2. Try to curtail drinking from the FIRE HYDRANT OF OPINIONATED INFORMATION. I don’t really know how to tell you to stop it in your own personal world. Maybe there are certain people or groups of people you should stop “hanging out with” or spending time. Maybe we all need to take a searing self inventory of the amount of opinions we personally spout. It is tough to be brutally honest with self! The way to honesty in this regard is to ask yourself–“Do I spout a bunch of stuff I am thinking OR do I provide people with resources to form their own conclusions?” PLEASE DON’T JUST PASS OVER WHAT I JUST WROTE. I really don’t think we help people or our situations as much as we think we do. Help people along by providing them with tools to think for themselves. Encourage thoughtful dialogue EVEN IF it is different from your way of thinking. Stay unified in developing a point of view–not forcing your point of view upon others. Christ followers have the saying “God is in control.” If you really believe that, then you should also believe, I don’t have to force my opinion on someone. If I believe “God is in control” then I also believe God can speak into people’s life as they are open to reading, thinking, and understanding. LET GOD BE IN CONTROL, ESPECIALLY IF YOU BELIEVE AND SAY THAT HE IS IN CONTROL!3. Sorry to keep harping–I am serious–I AM TRULY SORRY TO KEEP HARPING about American civics. Our Founding Fathers created the 3 branches of Government so we could have what was believed to be “Separation of Powers.” The “Separation of Powers” was authored and proposed by one of our former Presidents (and lessor quoted), James Madison. George Washington was the first President and used James Madison’s work on the preamble of the Constitution and their discussions and writings during the Constitutional Congress sessions in Philadelphia to make it clear that the Presidency of the United States of America WAS NOT A MONARCHY. When Americans go to the polls on November 3, or vote absentee, or vote early, or vote by mail, we ARE NOT ELECTING A KING! We are electing a single person to be responsible to “EXECUTE THE LAWS HE/SHE HAS AGREED WITH PROPOSED BY CONGRESS.” I am not diminishing any of our candidates in my life time as far as their knowledge of this fact, but for some reason Americans talk in terms (and seem to believe at some level) the power of the Presidency is that of a Monarch (a King). When the candidates for President talk, they sound like they will become “Kings” when elected. The Executive Branch of the Government of the United States can’t legally do a fraction of what the candidates in the debates or their Political advertisements say they can do or promise to do! I am carrying on about this, because I am burdened by it, and think it needs to be a matter of thought, reflection, and most importantly PRAYER. Prayerfully consider that the “bones” (structure) of our great nation, the United States of America, is well thought out and was truly prayed over–but we have gotten our eyes so far off of God and on to our own selfish motivations/agendas that we lose our way. Hence, let’s set our prayer alarms and pray for repentance and thankfulness. God Bless and Much Love, Marc & Marceil

11th Day of 40

Today, Friday, October 23, 2020, is 11 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. I have started every post out this way the last 29 days (those of you “following” already know this) because God spoke to me in mid-September to start 40 days before the Election Day to call people to prayer as “Watchmen on the Wall.” I felt God prompting me (notice I am not saying “Thus says the Lord….” because I don’t want you to stop reading this if this is your first time hearing about this idea). The idea was the “40 Day Window of the Watchmen.” Challenge everyone who will to set prayer alarms for the 4 Biblical “Watches” of the day–9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; and 6 PM. When the alarm goes off pray for repentance of sins for yourself and then our nation–FROM YOUR HEART. Next, prayerfully give thanks to God for His provision and blessing in our lives and to our nation.–FROM YOUR HEART. If the prayers are “FROM YOUR HEART” that is all that matters. The format or wording is not important to God, it is the heart! However, if you need a prayer type reminder here it is: “FATHER, WE DECLARE OUR REPENTENCE OF OUR SINS; WE EXALT YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS; WE EXPRESS OUR THANKFULNESS; WE LIFT OUR NATION BEFORE….PLEASE:FORGIVE US,UNIFY US,HELP US,DIRECT US,HUMBLE US,HEAL US,REVIVE US,RENEW US….”On this 11th day before the Election Day (and winding down on the 40 Day Window God has given us), things are heating up. The stakes are high and we have a (Window of Time) to seek and cry out to God for his mercy and help. There is all kinds of information, misinformation, truth and untruth that circulates every where from everyone–the media; the news; political advertisements; friends; families. I was especially taken by some political ads that came on back to back just before the 7 AM news a few minutes ago: Two candidates opposing each other in the upcoming election who went on TV and paid money to flat out attack each other on the exact same three or four issues–nothing really factual, but very personal. Watching the Presidential Debate last night it was staggering how the accusations fly and they are NEVER really answered, but diverted back to an accusation against the opponent. This is further complicated by you and me. YES–we are often accomplices to the corruption. How? We are accomplices when we continue on and on to defend someone when we don’t really know the truth about them or the situation, but we feel we have to “have their back” because people have heard us support them. (I know I am treading on thin ice–sorry about that–HOWEVER–let’s call it out). When you defend someone based upon your past support and not on the current facts, you are basing your current position on PRIDE. This came to mind last night when one candidate would say “you received millions of dollars from such and such foreign nation…” Instead of really answering the accused would say, “WELL…this guy (pointing to the other guy) did such and such….” Nothing gets answered or resolved. Johnny Cash wrote the song in 1970, “What is Truth.” He was talking about the war in Vietnam and the protests and unrest of the 1960’s–racial equality; young people trying to be heard; and exposing the hypocrisy of those older trying to keep them silent. Cash’s ideology was basically–“You can tell people to sit down, shut up, and do what you are told, but that will only last long enough for your own hypocrisy to be exposed.” What is the TRUTH? How do we know it? How do we navigate situations/circumstances/things said, so that we know or hear some truth? Answer: HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE OF MY ACROSTICS!!! I am 61 years old and communicate with acrostics. BOOM. What is T.R.U.T.H. ???T–Transparent. You will be hearing the truth when someone says things like: “That is partially true and partially twisted.” “I messed up.” “I am sorry about the part of that I had control and could have done it differently.” “There is some truth in what you are saying, but if you give me a few moments I can and will explain the situation, and then you decide the truth.” FURTHER–Transparency is not some forced or made up thing. Transparency means I am a sinner. I am saved from my sin only by God’s mercy, forgiveness, and grace. I must be forgiving of others (and not accusing of others) as well. PLEASE NOTE–WHEN YOU HEAR PEOPLE ACCUSE WITHOUT ADMITTING THEIR OWN CULPABILITY, YOU ARE NOT HEARING THE TRUTH. R–Real. You will be hearing the truth when you feel it. Truth is like cream content that is in raw milk. If you let the milk from the cow sit over night, the entire cream content will rise to the top. (If you have no idea what I am talking about I apologize–but it makes you a real “city slicker”–Ha!) Let things settle. When they settle, the truth rises. People and situations not motivated or driven by the truth usually talk not stop and don’t ever let things settle. They probably know if they didn’t keep stirring things up, the truth would come out. The person who talks and talks and talks is usually the person who isn’t real (and who isn’t telling the truth). U–Understanding. You will be hearing the truth when you seek to understand. Understanding comes through listening, NOT through talking. Listen. The truth is revealed through asking questions, not spouting opinion. T–Telling. You will be hearing truth when a leader “tells” NOT “sells.” Truth is a risky thing because it doesn’t manipulate you into a position. Truth is presented (the “telling”) and you decide. There isn’t some sales pitch or agenda. Truth is not a sales pitch or an agenda. H–Healing. You will be hearing truth when THE HEALING COMES! BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE–when you hear truth you generally will feel an “OUCH.” After the “OUCH” the healing will come. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!” “Set you free” is a healing process. OUCH–then AHHH…..pain and then healing. I hope this helps. God Bless and Much Love, Marc & Marceil

12th Day of 40

Today, Thursday, October 22, 2020, is 12 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. We are setting our prayer alarms for the 4 “Watches” of the day time–9 AM; Noon; 3 PM; and 6 PM. God challenged me to do this during the 40 days leading up to the November 3, 2020 Election Day. I am calling it the “40 Day Window of the Watchmen” (of prayer). At the 4 watches, I invite you to join us (Marceil and me) in a prayer for our nation of repentance and thankfulness. Pray from your heart, but if you need a prayer use this one: “FATHER, WE DECLARE OUR REPENTENCE OF OUR SINS; WE EXALT YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS; WE EXPRESS OUR THANKFULNESS; WE LIFT OUR NATION BEFORE….PLEASE:FORGIVE US,UNIFY US,HELP US,DIRECT US,HUMBLE US,HEAL US,REVIVE US,RENEW US….”Yesterday, Marceil and I were talking about God answering prayer. We began to recount the number of prayers God has answered in, through, and during the pandemic of COVID 19. As we were talking I remembered a conversation from my childhood between my father and his best friend. Dad’s best friend had lived a pretty much pagan lifestyle until moving his family out of state. We visited them about a year after they moved to Colorado. The friend was telling Dad about coming to the Lord and learning about the power of prayer. (This was years before my dad came back to the Lord, so Dad wasn’t exactly buying it, but I was always interested in the things of God so it really stuck with me). Dad’s friend, Don Tooley said to him, “John, I have learned that prayer is so powerful, we ought to be careful as to what we pray! Think of this John: What if Jonah was on the side of the ship with a fishing pole praying that he would catch a fish?!?” My dad chuckled in sarcasm, but it really stuck with me.Combining the conversation with Marceil yesterday AND the comment from Dad’s friend back in 1968, I have a couple of reflections about this season we are experiencing. “WHAT IF’S” 1. “WHAT IF” we were praying for people to look to God? Wouldn’t a way for that to happen be a world-wide event that caused people to realize there is something that is happening they don’t have any control?2. “WHAT IF” we were praying to be closer to God OR: “Help me become more and more like Jesus” OR EVEN: “Help me to draw closer to you?” Wouldn’t a way for us to “draw closer to God” be a time when he forced us to isolate and feel a form of “solitude”? SOLITUDE is a spiritual experience where everything is blocked out except the presence of God. Jesus constantly ran toward solitude. I know….I know…we always think in terms of the time Jesus spent with people, but the truth is every time he was with people, he jumped in a boat, to get across the Sea of Galilee so He could get time alone with God. Solitude with God–in prayer–in communion with the Creator of the Universe is a precious gift. BUT WHAT HAVE WE DONE WITH THE PRECIOUS GIFT WE GAVE US OR IS GIVING US DURING “STAY AT HOME ORDERS” OR REQUIRED QUARANTEED TIMES? Have we seen it as an answer to our prayers, and really leaned in and drawn closer? OR–have we whined, complained about our exhaustion of being isolated, and binged on Netflix? 3. “WHAT IF” we were praying the world would come to Christ? Wouldn’t a world-wide pandemic do it? No? How about if JUST THE CHRIST FOLLOWERS SPOKE UP; STOOD UP; SPOKE OUT; RAISED THEIR VOICES TO BE HEARD; QUIT BEING SCARED AND FEARUL; and simply said it–COVID 19 is bringing me closer to God! COVID 19 is an answer to my prayers. COVID 19 is a terrible disease that wrecks health, takes lives, destroys economies, changes our way of life–BUT FORCES ME TO DEPEND UPON A POWER AND PRECENSE GREATER THAN MYSELF. 4. “WHAT IF” we pray for “God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven”–MEANING: I am praying The Lord’s Prayer over my life every day? COVID 19 is; can be; should be; applicable at some level to every concept in The Lord’s Prayer. However, for the application to make sense in the face of a world-wide pandemic means you have to–“DENY YOURSELF, TAKE UP YOUR CROSS, AND FOLLOW JESUS.” The surge in so many areas of the US, Europe, Israel, and in the rest of the world we don’t know about or get reported (of the COVID 19 virus) MAY JUST BE an answer to our prayers for our world! I’m not sure we understood how important those days were when we were shut down. I believe God cares so much about us/for us that He is divinely interceding for us to draw closer; to lean in; to learn of Him! God Bless & Much Love, Marc & Marceil