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25th Day of 40

Today, Friday, October 9, 2020, is 25 days before the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. I want to invite you to join Marceil and me in a special spiritual challenge during these days before the election we are calling the “40 Day Window of the Watchmen.” Each day during this 40 day period we are setting our prayer alarms at 9 AM; Noon; 3 PM and 6 PM and praying specifically for our nation: Repentance, Restoration, and Renewal. Please pray from your heart, but just in case you need a prompting, here is a suggested prayer to use: “FATHER, WE DECLARE OUR REPENTENCE OF OUR SINS; WE EXALT YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS; WE EXPRESS OUR THANKFULNESS; WE LIFT OUR NATION BEFORE….PLEASE:FORGIVE US,UNIFY US,HELP US,DIRECT US,HUMBLE US,HEAL US,REVIVE US,RENEW US….” Thank you for joining together with us! The last couple of days I have been thinking about my “expectation” when I pray. A couple of days ago I felt like God was speaking to me that I wasn’t praying LARGE ENOUGH OR EXPECTING HIS SUPERNATURAL AND MIRACULOUS PRESENCE. Interestingly, I was invited to a meeting by Pastor Tim Fisher of Crossroads Church (the one I am Pastor Emeritus at) and met his friend, Jon Hauser. Jon brought a box of books called “The Circle Maker” by Washington DC Pastor, Mark Batterson. I quickly concluded that Mark Batterson is even crazier than I am! Ha! Both Jon Hauser and Mark Batterson camp out on the idea that we don’t imagine or dream LARGE ENOUGH. All through these years the thing I have been saying is: “We expect FAR too much of others, and NOT ENOUGH from God.” We get it reversed. We need to expect and believe (NOT JUST) God CAN DO IT–BUT INSTEAD–HE CAN DO IT AND HE WANTS TO DO IT. God wants to do it to a fuller, larger, and more powerful way than anything we could imagine! It must be the enemy (and our own flesh) making us believe that things are never going to get any better than this–that nothing is going to go better, be better, or get better than they are right now. The idea of my own lack of expectation came “to roost” over the last couple of weeks. My grandsons go from favorite outdoor game to outdoor game, enjoying one thing for a while and then the next thing for a while. My body was okay with their ball tag because you could at least get with in range and toss the ball to tag. The last couple of weeks, “ball tag” changed into regular “tag.” This “tag” game leaves me exhausted. I even think it zaps me. It doesn’t help having lung and heart issues and being an old guy running after a six grader and second grader to tag them. I used to be pretty good for a dozen steps, but now I find myself exhausted after two steps!!! Of course these are boys, and they aren’t especially encouraging to a slow moving Grandpa. It occurred to me last night how when exhaustion creeps into your life how everything in your life is influenced–feeling old; feeling mortal; feeling vulnerable. Exhaustion becomes a downward spiral into an abyss. (BTW–I am no longer talking about tag with my grandsons). Generally speaking, when there is something we are asking God for, and it doesn’t arrive as soon as we want it to arrive, we have a tendency to slow up or maybe even give up on it. I want to challenge/encourage you to step it up with expectation. If what you are praying and believe God for isn’t coming along, raise up your voice more–ASK GOD FOR MORE. If you don’t see an answer then–RAISE IT UP AGAIN. Rather than allow your prayers and expectation to shrink–EXPAND IT! Go big. Go bigger again. Then go bigger after that. Don’t let God’s silence discourage you. God is always bigger than you thought He was! God Bless & Much Love, Marc & Marceil

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